Use Technology
on your terms

Vantage 365 is a Microsoft Certified Partner, providing Microsoft-related solutions, products and services, and helping our clients better understand the features and benefits of their Microsoft technologies

We empower each client to transform
their business and maximise their IT investment.

We place enhanced productivity, connectivity and collaboration at the fingertips of every member of the organisation.

We understand that change is not easy. We help companies of all sizes respond to industry transitions, business cycles and crises.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a marathon, not a sprint. It is a cultural and technological change that your organisation needs to undertake to strive towards modernisation and efficiency. It utilises a toolkit of technology, which includes Microsoft 365, Azure, Dynamics and other integrated technologies to drive efficiency throughout all aspects of your business.

Adoption & Training

Simply implementing technology does not guarantee success. Success depends on your users. Success depends on bringing everyone within the organisation along on the journey. Keeping your users up to speed with the latest changes in technology and methodology is pivotal to achieving your goals. Adoption planning, end-user training, combined with official technical training, can drive success throughout all levels of your organisation.

Governance & Strategy

Widespread adoption of new ways of working comes with its own set of challenges. By establishing a long term strategy for the platform, as well as applying good governance, your organisation can continue to grow in a controlled manner without impacting on the overall adoption.

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Training Courses

Offering Microsoft Certified Trainers with years of industry experience, Vantage 365 can deliver Microsoft training with the latest technology to ensure that you are prepared for the future.

Vantage 365 provides the official Microsoft Training courses and also bespoke courses. We offer training physically in a classroom – at our offices in the West Midlands – and online in our Virtual Classroom. Our industry experts are passionate about Microsoft technology and training, resulting in an interactive learning experience which will keep you engaged from start to finish.

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