Vantage 365 Imaging Connector for QR Codes Saves Time

Matt was recently interviewed by Kimberly Kratz of Reenhanced Software Rescue Specialists about the Vantage 365 Imaging Connector which we created to bring bar codes and QR codes to Power Automate and PowerApps.

Vantage 365 Imaging Connector helps organisations to encode data in a graphical way. This graphic (the barcode) can be recognised and processed using scanners and cameras across multiple devices. This can easily be integrated into PowerApps, Power Automate and Logic Apps. The simple integration enables you to automatically encode data into a graphic.

As Kimberley writes ” The Vantage 365 Imaging connector for Power Automate streamlines registrations, ticketing and more by generating QR codes or barcodes. Its uses are limited only by your imagination, but it definitely provides time savings by reducing repetition of the tasks you would normally do to gather key information about attendees to an event or important details contained in your documents.”

Read Kimberley’s article here and watch the interview here.

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