SharePoint Intranet: good communications drive a good business

In a world forced to adopt mobile and hybrid work patterns, can a SharePoint intranet help you bridge that distance between the company and the employee?

The COVID-19 crisis has really highlighted that good communication throughout a company is absolutely crucial to their survival and success. This isn’t a new revelation, however with the world being forced to adopt remote and mobile working, the need for those communication channels has been really highlighted.

When we talk about communications, we don’t just mean talking to each other. We all consume information in different ways, and so messages need to be communicated in a number of different ways to ensure that the reach is as great as it can be.

What happens when your communications don’t reach your audience? You begin to feel frustration, and not long after frustration you experience negativity. During the lockdown this is certainly a point where organisations began to think really hard about the role of their company intranet. Was the intranet easy to access? Was the information easy to find? Were we targeting the messages in the right way? Was it engaging?

These are all questions that we’ve heard when speaking to customers, and while it was believed that the answer was yes, in actual fact to the end-user the answer was no.

These are the challenges which companies face with an intranet. A modern intranet requires the ability to not only communicate, but to engage the users in order to keep them coming back. That engagement could be as simple as a poll which encourages them to feed back on a topic, or with our increasing appetite for social interaction this could also be discussions, comments or feedback forums. Those key things that are designed to animate the users.

This is the exact challenge that we try to meet with SharePoint. The newest features released by Microsoft that try to give us that user-centric approach to site design in order to keep the users engaged with our sites. Web parts showing us our latest documents, our frequently visited sites help us to quickly and easily find our content again. Interactions with Stream, Yammer, Forms, Power BI and Power Apps means that we can make your intranet not only engaging, but interactive.

With the new audiencing capabilities available within SharePoint, not only for content but for menu items too, we can truly give the users a unique experience that puts them at the centre of the intranet.

Employee rejoicing at new intranet

But not only does SharePoint give us that engaging platform for us to be able to share our communications, it also provides us with a mobile responsive platform so that all of our users can remain engaged regardless of what type of device they are using, or where they are geographically located.

Vantage 365 can help you to leverage SharePoint as an intranet platform. Our expertise of delivering out-of-the-box intranets, or providing even more value with our partner Powell Software, we can give you an engaging intranet that will hit the mark with your employees.

Get in touch today to discuss your intranet requirements.

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