The Contemporary Intranet

What is a Contemporary Intranet?

An intranet is an internal-facing website that facilitates communication. Companies of all sizes utilise an intranet to deliver information to their employees in a controlled manner. With a contemporary intranet, delivered using SharePoint, we try to look beyond just communication and we find ways that we can improve the overall experience for the user:

  • By the introduction of personalisation – it’s all about making the experience more bespoke to the user who is logged in and viewing the page – so that as well as the general, corporate information available, they can find more information which is specifically relevant to them.
  • Through increased engagement, whether that is through the incorporation of surveys and forms within the pages of the intranet, discussions using Yammer, or bringing in videos from Microsoft Stream, the aim is to create a much more rich, immersive and engaging intranet experience, encouraging the user to return.
  • With the addition of collaboration – a contemporary intranet is not just a place for the broadcast of information, it’s a destination that we to travel to start working with each other.
  • Devolution of responsibility for information – enabling each department to assume responsibility for key data. For example, while HR are responsible for the HR content and manage it in their area, it might be surfaced and accessible in a different part of the intranet. Responsibility for business development information might rest within marketing, but senior members of the organisation can still access up-to-date collateral to share with leads.

Our reason for creating your intranet within SharePoint is that numerous elements of a contemporary intranet are already provided within the subscription model in Microsoft 365, so there is no need to pay for any additional licensing.

Furthermore, SharePoint provides a number of web parts that can be used to pull in information from different places. In a single platform we can access the intranet, personal documents, and the collaboration and communication elements. From a data point of view, users can access everything and it is all protected, as it adheres to the organisation’s security and governance rules, and users only need to remember one username password, due to the single sign-on across all of those services. Finally, everything done is SharePoint is mobile-responsive, meaning users can access their intranet from any device.

All of this is important, as the range of different elements described above, combined with the ease with which they can be accessed – one place, one sign-in – means that users will be constantly hitting your internet pages. No longer do users access the intranet maybe once a day at best – the personalisation, engagement and collaboration available keeps them coming back for more. From a communications point of view, this means that corporate content is being seen, and from the user’s perspective they can satisfy all of their information needs in one place. From a business perspective all of this additional communication, increased collaboration and improved efficiency is included within the Microsoft 365 licence.

Platinum Upgrade for your Contemporary Intranet

Vantage 365 work in partnership with Powell Software. An added value element that this provides to clients is that we take SharePoint out of the box, incorporate the relevant Powell Software, delivering an additional layer of “shine”, which gives an even greater level of immersion in terms of design, branding, engagement and personalisation features (having the users being able to select what they view in different parts of the screen). This means that if you want even more from your corporate intranet than we can achieve in SharePoint, we can deploy Powell Software as “the candles on top of the birthday cake” to ‘set it all off’.

Why Use Vantage 365?

Vantage 365 deliver the intranet architecture by helping clients to plan an intranet in a way which enables easy access and to promote excellent information management. In particular, we encourage a single source of the truth – so an organisation doesn’t have multiple copies of the same document, there is just one version of a document which everyone accesses, to reduce duplication and the sprawl of uncontrolled content.

In addition, Vantage then helps the client to build the intranet, with our insight into how all the web parts work, how SharePoint works as a product, and how all the other elements come in from other different services to give us a fully immersive experience.  

To discuss the introduction of a contemporary intranet into your workplace, contact us today.

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