Disabling out-of-the-box Teams creation experience

When you first roll out Microsoft Teams, the creation experience is available to everyone to be able to create their own Teams. This gives the users a huge amount of flexibility, but also carries the risk of huge amounts of Team sprawl, resulting in potential security issues where content is stored in the wrong place,… Read More »Disabling out-of-the-box Teams creation experience

Quantifying the value of collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Employees save four hours each week through improved collaboration and information sharing, according to @Forrester's Total Economic Impactâ„¢ Of @MicrosoftTeams.

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Microsoft pivots to digital selling to reach more customers

#Dynamics365 enables companies to keep up with digital sales, including #Microsoft itself. Learn how the Digital Sales team at Microsoft leverages #AI-driven solutions to accelerate sales, work together while apart, and adjust to every situation.

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5 Tips to Get More Customers and Retain Them Too

Successful businesses offer support at all levels of the buyer's journey, from awareness in the beginning to advocacy at the end. Knowing what buyers need at each stage allows you to create support and multiple opportunities for positive engagement. In his article, "5 Tips to Get More Customers and Retain Them Too," Dhaval Sarvaiya discusses the five stages of awareness, consideration, decision, retention and advocacy. Read the article for pointers on how to support your customers at each stage in the journey!

Customer Story: Think Up Consulting | Reduce Costs

@ThinkUpConsulting has saved $13,925 a year by using #MicrosoftTeams.

Always looking to work smarter, Think Up is reducing costs by getting modern with #Microsoft. With the wide range of tools available in #Windows 10 and #Office365, Think Up has already replaced several applications from other providers.

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ComAp: Digital Transformation of Sales

For Czech company #ComAp, the effort to be always there for its customers has become one of the company's essential values. Learn how digitalization of sales has enabled global consolidation and consistency throughout their offices with this short video:

Solution overview video

#Microsoft offers inspired collaboration through integrated capabilities and consolidated platforms. In this short video, learn how #MicrosoftTeams features can keep your team engaged while working remotely.

Empowering managers

In the modern retail industry, providing managers with digital solutions that enable them to make faster decisions with greater impact is a crucial step toward digitalizing the business. In this video, you'll see how Kroger uses Microsoft #RetailTech to empower its decision-makers through accurate data that enables the creation of innovative shopping experiences.

City of Houston: transportation transformation

As their populations increase, local governments must leverage digital transformation to increase the efficiency of their operations and implement technologies that create smarter, safer cities. Watch this video to learn how the city of Houston is using #Microsoft365 to boost the scope and effectiveness of its services while future-proofing its operations for years to come.

Microsoft Transforms its Sales Practices

Microsoft supports customers on their path to digital evolution, but it also continues to innovate its own approach to sales with tools like #Dynamics365 and #SalesNavigator. Learn how @Microsoft's own Inside Sales team is keeping up with social listening, customer research, and innovative technology.