Empowering Athlete Wellbeing Charity with Automated Referral Solutions

This case study delves into our experience of providing professional services and expert consultation to Sporting Wellness, a prominent athlete mental wellness charity dedicated to providing essential assistance to athletes ages 16 or above competing at representative levels. The case study showcases the successful collaboration between our team and the client to address their specific needs and challenges. By sharing the details of this engagement, we aim to highlight our capabilities, problem-solving approach, and dedication to delivering high-quality solutions to our clients. Through this case study, we demonstrate our commitment to excellence and our ability to tailor our services to meet the unique requirements of each client. Our goal is to inspire confidence in potential clients and reaffirm our reputation as a trusted partner in delivering exceptional professional services and consultation.

The Challenge

In a significant collaboration, Vantage 365 joined forces with Sporting Wellness, a prominent athlete mental wellness charity dedicated to providing essential assistance to athletes aged 16 or above competing at representative levels. The charity grappled with the complexities of data management, relying on a laborious Excel spreadsheet. This manual approach posed as a hurdle to efficient data handling, leading to increased costs and reduced effectiveness in managing referrals. With the intent to overcome these challenges, the charity sought an impactful resolution, ultimately finding a solution in the expertise of Vantage 365.

The Solution

Collaborating with the athlete mental wellness charity, Vantage 365 delved into the organisation’s challenges and aspirations. Sporting Wellness recognised the need to transcend the intricacies of data management, driven by a clunky Excel spreadsheet. Manual interventions strained their resources, particularly when handling referrals. To address these concerns, Vantage 365 leveraged Sporting Wellness’ existing technology landscape to introduce an automated solution that aligned seamlessly with the charity goals.

Vantage 365’s solution harnessed the charity’s technology infrastructure to automate the athlete referral process. By building on the foundation they already had in place, Vantage 365 empowered the charity to reduce reliance on manual intervention. This innovation led to increased efficiency and minimised errors, effectively streamlining the workflow.

Key Features

Efficiency through the Athlete Referral App: The heart of the solution lay in the Athlete Referral App. By integrating the charity’s web-based referral form, data was seamlessly funneled into the app. This automated process significantly decreased manual tasks and elevated operational efficiency. Moreover, the app facilitated easy document uploads, while automated emails were dispatched at different process stages, ensuring smooth communication.

Real-time Insights via Power BI: The incorporation of Power BI offered real-time data insights through a user-friendly interface. This provided the charity with instant access to crucial information, allowing for informed decision-making and streamlined management.

Objectives achieved

Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness: The charity sought to enhance efficiency and cut costs as it expanded. By automating their processes, the team can now allocate resources more strategically.

Faster Referral Handling: The automation significantly accelerates the handling of referrals. The referral administrator now receives alerts upon new referral submissions, enabling quicker response times.

Centralised Data Management: All referral data is stored in a single location, readily accessible, and reducing manual input requirements.

Enhanced Athlete Experience: The Athlete Referral App ensures athletes experience shorter waiting times, as admin staff can respond swiftly without manual checks.

Empowering through Power BI: The integration of Power BI provided the charity with a gateway to real-time data insights. These insights were presented through an intuitive interface, facilitating immediate access to critical information. This shift enabled the charity to transition from sporadic data checks to constant data availability.

Aiding Informed Decisions: With instant access to up-to-date data, the charity’s decision-making process was elevated. They could now base their strategies on accurate, current information, leading to more informed and effective decisions.

Strategic Focus on Trustees and Fundraising: The real-time data and reports not only facilitated day-to-day management but also supported the charity’s interaction with trustees. By presenting comprehensive reports and insights, the charity could apprise the trustees of progress and impact, fostering transparency and trust.

Enhancing Fundraising Initiatives: The newfound ability to access timely data and generate insightful reports played a pivotal role in shaping fundraising efforts. Armed with accurate data, the charity could tailor their fundraising strategies, ensuring they were aligned with real-time needs and goals.

Challenges, Collaboration and Technical Implementation

Accurate Data: The main technical challenge was extracting data accurately from the referral form and correctly logging the referral. Through open and effective communication, the teams involved in the project were able to address the technical challenges head-on, ensuring a streamlined solution.

Technical Implementation: Vantage 365 collaborated closely with the charity, working alongside their website company and IT support to secure access to Office 365. The successful setup of various flows streamlined data extraction and automation.

Empowering Independence: In addition to hands-on support, Vantage 365 provided Sporting Wellness with tailored training materials. These resources equipped the charity’s admin staff with the knowledge and skills needed to confidently manage system changes and additions independently.

The Result

In collaboration with Vantage 365, Sporting Wellness achieved its vision of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and improved response times. This strategic partnership provided the catalyst for transformative change within the charity.

 The introduction of the Athlete Referral App marked a turning point in the charity’s operational landscape. By automating processes, the app freed up valuable resources and elevated the professionalism of their workflow. The result was a more streamlined and efficient process that aligned with the charity’s core objectives.

As the charity continues its journey of growth, the impact of technology-driven advancements remains at the forefront. The ongoing automation journey reflects their commitment to harnessing technology to enhance athlete well-being support.

Looking ahead, Sporting Wellness envisions a future enriched by further automation initiatives. Their expansion will be punctuated by the introduction of additional automation areas, illustrating the ongoing partnership with Vantage 365 as a catalyst for innovation and progress.

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