Strategy and Governance

We provide a range of services related to the strategy and governance required to achieve a successful implementation of Microsoft 365. They are focussed on creating a flexible and user-centric environment which promotes productivity and innovation within the workforce.


Rolling out new services, particularly within Microsoft 365, does not imply that your users will be able to use it effectively. We quite often see that without adoption being considered, the likelihood of rollout success is reduced, and the business will simply revert to the same working practices that have been used in the past. We will work with you and your users to ensure that they are aware of the services that are available to them, what they are used for and how they can be used to improve working practices.


Governance of the Microsoft 365 platform has two sides: users; and administrators. If a governance plan hugely benefits one persona over the other then issues occur quickly, whether that is too tight control resulting in poor adoption, or too little control which eventually has the same outcome.

Why do we need governance?

Lack of governance or over-governance within an organisation can lead to both productivity issues as well as adoption issues. As organisations, we want to get the most from our subscriptions, but challenges such as incorrect use of the service, over-sharing, inconsistency or lack of guidance have a detrimental effect on our goals.

Governance is often used as a stick with which to beat the user, and can often lead to tensions between the end-user community and those that are charged with looking after the platform. Both have the same end-goals, to be able to use the collaboration tools to the best of its ability to increase productivity and return on investment on the license subscriptions.

What should we govern?

When we consider governance, the immediate thought is that we only need to govern SharePoint, but we need governance around all user driven services including Microsoft Teams, Power Apps, Power Automate etc.

How do we implement governance?

We can help you to implement governance plans and tools to help you avoid the issues which have been described. Using our years of experience, we can help to plan and create a governance strategy which can then be communicated and implemented with your users.

We can also help to control the environment through the use of our own homegrown methods or by using the tools provided by our partners, such as Powell Teams.

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