How to get the most out of Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop is a way of hosting a device using a centralised network. You can attach all your remote workforce’s laptops, PCs, tablets and work phones to one network. There is also an extensive range of other benefits, as we’ll get into.

Traditionally, virtual desktops and networks have always been expensive to set up. Azure Virtual Desktop counters that and is available to all enterprises worldwide.

Are you thinking of setting up Azure Virtual Desktop? Then this article is for you.

Who is Azure Virtual Desktop for?

Azure Virtual Desktop is for large organisations requiring a dedicated virtual operating network. It links employees’ devices into one centralised system. You might have heard of the earlier version; it used to be known as Windows Virtual Desktop.

By accessing cloud-hosted desktops, staff can work to consistent standards and outlines. The image will also be consistent across all devices. This promotes co-operation and streamlines the working process.

Even though it’s hosted in the cloud, employees can still have personal desktops. As a result, they can modify things (to some extent) to best suit their working habits.

If you have a medium or large organisation with a significant focus on cloud-based work, Azure Virtual Desktop could be for you.

What benefits does Azure Virtual Desktop bring?

Here are some of the benefits Azure Virtual Desktop brings:

  • No gateway servers – everything can be done in your Azure subscription.
  • Create a consistent cross-platform image – when staff use their devices, they’ll all be the same.
  • No need to maintain infrastructure – desktops are hosted virtually in data centres. There’s no need to look after these servers. Leave it to Microsoft.
  • More control over the things that matter.
  • Increased cybersecurity – provided you have an effective security team, the network is always protected. Staff must still connect through a secure connection. However, there’s no need to open inbound ports with reverse service connections.
  • Configure host pools and modify users and groups whenever you want.
  • Built-in diagnostics so you can check up on things. These also help to troubleshoot errors and streamline processes.
  • Scaleable to your needs in the moment (literally). Auto-scale adjusts your capacity based on days of the week and even times of the day.

How does Azure Virtual Desktop help make the most of a remote workforce?

Using Azure Virtual Desktop means your remote workforce has access to your system. It’s more secure and complete than a local desktop with a network connection. With increased focus brought about by a dedicated system, efficiency will improve. Furthermore, it’s easy to collaborate and share work without the usual cybersecurity risks.

If your business is rapidly expanding (or shrinking), Azure Virtual Desktop is scalable. That means you can add or remove users at a moment’s notice, and you won’t ever pay for something you’re not using. In other ways, it’s optimally efficient.

Virtual desktops remove the middle man, compared to setting up and hosting hundreds of remote devices and linking them via an external network.

In short, your employees will have fewer interruptions and a much greater ability to focus on their jobs. This productivity increase will, in turn, lead to greater profits for the enterprise.

How Vantage 365 can help

Vantage 365 is a specialist IT consultancy focusing on Microsoft 365 and digital transformation. We firmly believe this is the best option for most businesses out there. Our experienced team have spent years developing bespoke solutions for individual organisations.

Are you intrigued about whether Azure Virtual Desktop might benefit your business? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch via email ( or give us a ring on 01384 593720.

We’d be glad to have an obligation-free chat. We’ll explain why Azure Virtual Desktop can be so efficient and whether we think it’s appropriate for you. Of course, we’ll never suggest something we don’t think will add value to your enterprise.

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