How your team can make the most of Microsoft Whiteboard

If you have a commercial Microsoft 365 subscription, you have access to Microsoft Whiteboard.

Writing your ideas on a whiteboard is the most effective way to visually convey them. If you don’t have access to a physical whiteboard, you should try Microsoft Whiteboard.

This tool replicates the interactivity of a physical whiteboard using digital pens, post-it notes, and other features.

What is Microsoft Whiteboard?

Microsoft Whiteboard is an application found in Microsoft 365. It’s very much what it sounds like – a communal place you can use as a presentation board or collaborative thought map.

Whiteboard, as you might know, was released in mid-2021 and is based on a previously existing piece of software. It’s almost always used as part of a Teams meeting and each of its features is finely tuned to assist online workers. Team members can use Microsoft Whiteboard to collaborate in real-time by adding and manipulating shapes, images and tables.

Introduction to Microsoft WhiteBoard Video:

They can customise board backgrounds by using several types of gridlines and board colours together or separately. Avatars help track changes made in tasks to ensure operational efficiency. The application also offers text notes, GIFs, and sticky notes to establish an interactive experience across users.

Microsoft Whiteboard offers a wide range of templates such as brainstorming, meeting, Kanban sprint planning, SWOT analysis, project planning, problem-solving and more. It integrates with Microsoft Teams, allowing users to collaborate via drawing and annotation tools. A mobile application for iOS devices is also available, enabling users to manage business activities remotely.

Microsoft Whiteboard is free to use (if you have a subscription), and support is available through documentation, FAQs and discussion forums. These days, Microsoft is bringing out increasingly advanced extras, such as Loop integration, the ‘follow’ feature and timers.

How to use Microsoft Whiteboard

Whiteboard is included as part of your Business or Enterprise Microsoft 365 package. As with all Microsoft Apps, Whiteboard is easy and straightforward to use. In a business setting, you’ll need your ICT admin team or contractor to do most of the background work.

First, the software is downloaded and installed into the overall system network. Next, the admin team will set it up. This involves a certain amount of background settings input, but this will be a straightforward process for your admin/IT team.

Once all settings are complete, Whiteboard can be launched as part of Teams or by itself. We recommend that you set up Whiteboard prior to your meetings. You’ll find a wide selection of templates to choose from. Usually, selecting one of these is more beneficial than starting with a blank page. For example, you might opt for a pre-designed mind map or flowchart setup.

Once Whiteboard is open, and the meeting begins, you and your team can contribute to the page. The possibilities are virtually endless, and we recommend playing around a bit to learn what you can use the software for. Whatever you need to share, there’s a way to do it.

How Vantage 365 can help your organisation

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