Intranet Express

Join the millions of people around the world now using SharePoint for their intranet without the long build times.

What makes Intranet Express so appealing?

Our express intranet offering allows you to have a built and working intranet in a very short amount of time. The deployment could be your full intranet, or if you want to build it into a larger project, then it could give you a Phase 0 build which gives you a good foundation going forward.

Attractive and On-Brand

  • Make communication impactful, engaging and appealing while maintaining your corporate brand.

Focused on the creation of content, not the product!

  • Create great content without needing in-depth SharePoint knowledge.


  • Engage people in company goals and culture through interactive content & gamification.

Available to everyone, everywhere

  • Everyone in your organisation, from office workers to field workers, can easily access the information they need.
  • Your corporate information and resources are accessible anywhere, at any time from the browser of your choice.
  • Bring your Intranet to where your users communicate and collaborate by making it accessible from Microsoft Teams.
  • Offer instant access to intranet features from your pocket, whether you are on the go, working remotely, or on the field, with a mobile application.

Accelerated Deployment

  • With Vantage Intranet Express, your new Intranet can be fully deployed to your environment in as little as 5 days!

Cost Effective

  • Competitive licensing costs
  • Flexible payment options

Key Features

Pre-built Templates

There’s no need to spend hours thinking about what to build and how. Our Intranet Express service has many great looking and functional templates, built based on our years of experience, for you to choose from.

Mobile Responsive

No matter the device, your Intranet will be accessible, functional, and ready to deliver value to your users.


Build a state-of-the-art desk or room booking system without writing code. Upload your image, drag out your hotspots and book away!


Encouraging your users to engage with your content through a simple to manage reward system.


Drive innovation throughout the organisation by allow staff to easily suggest ideas.

Dedicated Mobile App

Bring your Intranet directly into the palm of your hand alongside your other key applications

Get in touch to find out more!

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