Powell Software

Powell Software’s mission is to help companies meet the challenges of the hybrid workplace, with a digital workplace built for everyone and accessible to everyone.

Founded in 2015, Powell Software is now used in over 300 organisations, all around the world, and supports over 2 million daily active users.

Vantage 365 is proud to be partner of Powell Software, and continues to work closely with the Team in the UK.

Powell Intranet

Powell Intranet is a ready-to-use, fully customizable, and inclusive intranet solution. Built on Microsoft 365, it offers security, an interactive employee experience, and updates to leverage the full potential of your digital workplace.

Powell Teams

Powell Teams improves teamwork in Microsoft Teams to make it a collaboration experience that’s effortless, organized, easy to manage and governed.

Powell Teams offers a catalogue of ready-to-use and customizable templates to collaborate instantly and effortlessly on repeatable activities like Sales RFPs. Templates are predefined, preconfigured, and preloaded with documents for you.

Powell Teams make collaboration straightforward and can even get things done for you. Automatically create Teams on receipt of an email or through a specific action triggered in a business application like the CRM