Drive adoption and governance with Powell Teams

Drive adoption and governance with Powell Teams

Powell Teams, by Powell Software, is an application which sits inside your Microsoft Teams client, allowing your users to easily access and take advantage of all of the key features which Powell Teams provides. The features of Powell Teams can assist your organisation to drive adoption of Microsoft Teams while still maintaining control over the environment and promoting good governance.

Create an amazing user experience

Powell Teams works to improve the end-user experience by allowing them to create Teams using pre-defined templates which include channels, applications, tabs and settings. Powell Teams can provision folder structures, and even a Microsoft Planner to go along with the Team.

Break down the digital divide

Powell Teams is more than just a Teams provisioning application, it allows you to bring ideas to life to help break down the barriers between the physical workplace. Recently added is the Virtual Coffee Machine which is a use of Powell Teams and Microsoft Teams to allow employees to keep normal workplace social interactions going even when working remotely.

Driving adoption with Powell Teams

Having an easy to use, intuitive interface for both finding and creating Teams is a must for driving adoption. Powell Teams can help your employees to easily find their favourite Teams through the use of Favourites, as well as searching and refining through their list of Teams. How does the application make the user journey so easy?

  • Favourite your Teams for quick and easy access
  • Search and refine for your Teams based on tags
  • Create a full Team structure based on a ready-to-go Team template which includes channels, apps, permissions and even a fully populated Microsoft Planner plan!

Driving good governance with Microsoft Teams

Powell Teams provides you with a framework to be able to maintain control over your Teams environment, limited sprawl while still allowing your users the freedoms that they come to expect within Microsoft 365.

  • Create approved templated Teams which your end-users can select during Team creation
  • Ensure that your Teams are named consistently through the use of a flexible naming convention builder
  • Apply approval processes to your Teams creation to help you to control sprawl
  • Manage the entire lifecycle of your Team from creation to archiving in a single interface
  • Trigger additional processes through automation to take your creation process to the next level using Power Automate, Azure Logic Apps, Azure Automation plus more.

Working with Vantage 365

Vantage 365 are here to help you take your first steps with Powell Teams and can apply our extensive experience with the product to help you create governance in your organisation to take you into the future, while retrospectively taking control of everything created in the past.

Our approach to governance, adoption, training and support will help to set your organisation on the path to a successful Microsoft Teams rollout that will help you to maintain a tidy, organised, and most of all productive, Teams environment.

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