Flexible Consultancy Engagements

Our flexible consultancy engagements are the ultimate way to bring the knowledge and experience of our team, into your team. The key word is flexible, meaning that you can use your time in the way that you want it to be used, whether it is:

  • Advice and guidance on projects
  • Governance discussions
  • A blocker in your development that you just want help to get through
  • Or just someone who’s been there, and done it, to bounce ideas off
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How does it help us?

Ask yourself how much time your team spends on YouTube or reading blogs to only get part of the answer that they need, to then spend more time trying to implement it. This could be adding time to your deliveries and putting your timelines at risk.

How can you bring in highly experienced technical resources without having to go through extensive recruitment and filtering processes? Imagine being able to upskill your team at the same time by learning from some of the best in the industry.

Becoming part of your team

With our drawdown agreements, you can bring the knowledge and experience of Vantage 365 into your team, but only as and when you need them.

Expertise on-demand

Save time and money on finding the answers yourself by tapping into the knowledge and experience of our team of Microsoft product specialists.

Project Management

Maintain control

You and your team maintain control and lead on your project, ensuring that your objectives and goals are met in the way that you want.

Quality vs Cost

Efficient development

You can leverage the expertise of the Vantage 365 team to help drive the efficiency of your development, while pushing up quality, to help you achieve success.

What can we use this for?

You can utilise this the flexible consultancy agreements for any type of activity within Microsoft 365. For example you may need help with:

  • Creation and implementation of a process automation
  • Development and creation of a Power App
  • SharePoint site administration
  • Microsoft Teams configuration and administration
  • And more…

How much does it cost?

The engagement works in the same way as a “pay-as-you-go” telephone contract, where you build up your credit and then start drawing it down as you use it.

As part of the engagement, you will receive key information about the latest updates and changes in the Microsoft ecosystem, as well as regular reports about your time and how it is being used.

Day rate

£775 per day, excluding VAT

Frequently asked questions

Next steps

The first step is to book a free conversation with our team so that we can understand the challenge that you are facing, and what your objectives would be for

Please complete the form opposite, or visit our contact us page to get the ball rolling.

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