Powell Teams: The  Ultimate Microsoft Teams app for Adoption and Governance

Powell Teams optimizes Microsoft Teams management, revolutionizing the way organizations utilise the software. By simplifying adoption and streamlining governance, this comprehensive platform empowers businesses to fully leverage the capabilities of Microsoft Teams, ensuring that collaborative efforts are both efficient and compliant with company policies.

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Powell Teams as Your Microsoft 365 Governance Solution

Powell Teams is a Microsoft Teams add-in specializing in simplifying the management aspect of Microsoft Teams. Powell Teams offers solutions that lead to increased productivity, making the understanding of Microsoft Teams’ management aspects less daunting.

Efficiently manage Microsoft Teams with an impressive time

For organisations using Microsoft Teams, connecting Powell Teams is a must. This toolkit allows you can create custom policies, establish consistent naming conventions, enforce robust security measures, and efficiently manage team tags. Additionally, the availability of customizable templates allows teams to work within frameworks that best align with your project’s requirements.

Reduction in unnecessary and non-compliant teams

Powell Teams not only simplifies team management but also provides administrators with valuable analytics. With a range of reports, dashboards, and practical tips, those in charge can gain a clear understanding of their Microsoft 365 environment. This transparency helps identify potential risks before they become problems, allowing organizations to proactively enhance their security, governance, and productivity. Additionally, the Microsoft Teams governance score feature quantifies compliance levels, guiding teams toward best practices and optimal operational integrity.

Speed up the team creation process 

The transformative power of Powell Teams is truly remarkable. It streamlines Microsoft 365 administration, saving businesses up to 80% of the time typically spent on these tasks. With comprehensive approval workflows, team creation aligns seamlessly with organizational standards and policies. Non-compliant team alerts and bot notifications ensure constant oversight without overwhelming administrators. The system intelligently suggests potential owners for new teams based on their usage patterns and roles, making management straightforward. Task automation within Powell Teams efficiently handles repetitive and time-consuming tasks, allowing administrators to focus on strategic priorities and add greater value to their organization’s collaborative efforts.

Customized Microsoft 365 Governance Solutions for Different Departments

Customized governance solutions with Powell Teams are tailored to provide benefits across the organizational hierarchy, from strengthening IT administrators’ control and efficiency to improving team members’ day-to-day workflow and equipping team leaders with comprehensive management tools.

For the IT Administrator

Powell Teams revolutionizes the role of the IT Administrator, transforming intricate tasks into streamlined processes and saving up to 80% of their precious time. By enabling efficient administration, automated workflows, and proactive alerts, IT professionals can focus on the key priorities that drive unparalleled success in their organizational role.

For the Team Member

The guided creation and easy workspace discovery, along with dedicated tags and mobile access, boost employee productivity. Team members will appreciate the user-friendly interface that accelerates team creation and effortlessly manages collaborative workspaces, no matter where they are.

For the Team Owner

As team owners, you have the power of Powell Teams at your fingertips. You get to easily edit workspaces, manage guest access, and enforce governance rules. This level of control ensures that settings, permissions, and teamwork always align perfectly with your team’s objectives and security requirements. Also, you can effortlessly navigate workflow adjustments and setting alterations to keep your team’s environment optimized for peak performance.

Understand The Microsoft Teams Environment

Governance Health Check

The comprehensive Teams Governance Health Check allows you to take control of your Microsoft Office 365 environment. Unlock superior management capabilities by leveraging actionable insights that combine governance scores with key performance indicators (KPIs) to propel your team’s success. This powerful functionality puts a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips, allowing you to enhance your Teams’ performance with accuracy and effectiveness.

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Audit & Reporting Tools

Powell Teams provides a comprehensive suite of audit and reporting tools that help you understand your organization’s Microsoft 365 governance status. You can gain valuable insights and discover areas that can be improved using Powell Teams’ user-friendly and ready-to-use reports. These tools are particularly effective in tracking external users, identifying workspaces without owners, and monitoring other essential governance metrics in the administration dashboard. Administrators have the flexibility to customize their reports for Teams, SharePoint, and individual users, or choose from a wide selection of over 20 pre-built reports.

Manage The Powell Software

User Management

Powell Teams allows you to efficiently handle onboarding and offboarding processes, revoke user rights on multiple teams with just a few clicks, and quickly spot external users to ensure efficient and secure user management. This centralized approach simplifies administration and keeps your digital workspace organized, secure, and operative without the usual complexities of user management.

Audit Templating

For organizations aiming to streamline governance policies and business scenarios with ease, Powell Teams stands as an essential tool. Its capabilities extend to managing external user access and simplifying approval workflows, enabling a secure and efficient environment. Moreover, Powell Teams facilitates the provisioning of apps, tabs, and channels within Microsoft Teams and SharePoint sites. This centralized control mitigates inconsistencies and aligns teams with the company’s protocols, fostering a cohesive digital workspace.

Tags & Naming Conventions

The intuitive tagging and naming features are essential for improving team organization and management, ensuring that each team is quickly recognizable and that its purpose is clear. Customizable naming conventions help prevent duplication and maintain order, while tags facilitate the sorting and retrieval of workspaces based on projects, departments, or any other defined criteria.

Workspace Overview and Edition

Powell Teams’ workspace overview and editing features empower workspace owners and administrators with a user-friendly interface to make real-time updates to information and settings, ensuring that the digital workspace evolves alongside project needs and team dynamics. The effortless ability to modify workspaces fosters a dynamic and responsive governance structure, creating an adaptable and efficient digital work environment.

Control The Powell Teams

Team Creation Process

Ensure a smooth and seamless adoption process within your organization using Powell Teams’ step-by-step guided creation process. Our approach is designed to provide consistency and control, minimizing the risk of team sprawl. Administrators have the power to control access to Powell Teams templates, allowing specific users or groups to create new teams. With tailored accessibility and recommendations that align with company objectives, your digital workspace can expand in an organized and strategic manner, keeping it in line with your governance strategy.

Approval Workflows

Simplify the process of creating workspaces with Powell Teams’ powerful approval workflows, designed to promote a secure and organized digital workplace. By assigning specific business or IT approvers within the software, companies can ensure oversight and adherence to governance policies. These workflows are crucial in maintaining an orderly digital workspace, giving decision-makers peace of mind that each new team or channel is created with the necessary approvals, thus ensuring compliance and control throughout the organization’s digital landscape.

Bulk Actions

With the bulk actions feature, you can empower administrators to quickly address non-compliant workspaces across the board. With just a few simple clicks, administrators can perform large-scale operations like archiving, deleting, or retrofitting multiple teams using ready-made templates. This capability not only saves valuable time but also reinforces governance policies by ensuring uniformity and compliance within the digital ecosystem. 

Campaigns & Automations

Powell Teams empowers users to stay on top of governance issues by alerting workspace owners through personalized alerts and automating corrective actions for compliance. With seamless integration capabilities, Powell Teams connects with a wide range of third-party tools using the Powell Teams API, enabling tailored workflows and scenarios. 

How do you start the journey?

The conversation starts by getting in touch, either by completing the form, picking up the telephone or opening up a new chat with us!


What problem does Powell Teams solve?

Powell Teams addresses the challenges of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint management and governance by offering a comprehensive suite of tools that streamline the user management process, enforce compliance policies, and enhance team organization through customizable templates, approval workflows, and advanced reporting capabilities. This greatly reduces administrative complexity and promotes a secure, organized, and efficient digital workspace.

How much does  Powell Teams cost?

Pricing for Powell Teams is tailored to the specific needs of your organization and varies based on factors such as company size and subscription length. To receive an accurate quote, please contact our sales team, or refer to our pricing page for an estimated cost range.

Why is Powell Teams important in the workplace?

Powell Teams is crucial in the workplace for fostering a balanced digital environment that ensures effective governance, easy manageability, and efficient collaboration. It allows companies to maintain control over their digital workspaces, ensuring that business processes are streamlined, data is secured, and productivity is maximized across the organization.

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