What do we do?

Here at Vantage 365, we have one simple purpose: to work with you to solve your business challenges using Microsoft technology. To do that we have a number of tools at our disposal, including Microsoft 365, Power Platform and solutions from our key partners which can help us to accelerate the delivery of business-changing solutions.

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Professional Services

By placing a great emphasis on understanding the unique technology requirements of your industry, we aim to provide the most suitable solutions that address your specific needs. We put your business challenge right at the centre of our focus, which allows us to provide you with the most effective and efficient solutions to allow you to draw a greater return on investment from your Microsoft subscriptions.

Digitising business processes
Document management solutions
Intranet and internal communications
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Training Services

Skills and experience are one of the biggest barriers to realising the full potential of technology. Our training focus allows us to upskill and prepare the workforce of today, and tomorrow, to be able to meet the changing technology demands of businesses.

Microsoft Office Training
Microsoft 365 Training
Power Platform Training
Public and private courses

Support Services

There are days when things go right and days when they don’t, and that is where our support services provide the helping hand that is needed. Whether it is a business process not performing as expected, or a change in the Microsoft Cloud that is impacting your work, we are there for you.

Microsoft 365 Support
Power Platform Support
Help and advice
Roadmap updates
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