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Microsoft 365 Governance

The Story

With rapid implementation of Microsoft Technology, governance is now more important than ever.

Governance of the Microsoft 365 platform has two sides: users; and administrators. If a governance plan hugely benefits one persona over the other then issues occur quickly, whether that is too tight control resulting in poor adoption, or too little control which eventually has the same outcome.

Governance is often used as a stick with which to beat the user, and can often lead to tensions between the end-user community and those that are charged with looking after the platform. Both have the same end-goals, to be able to use the collaboration tools to the best of it’s ability to increase productivity, and return on investment on the license subscriptions.

The Challenge

Lack of governance, or over-governance within an organisation can lead to both productivity issues as well as adoption issues. As organisations we want to get the most from our subscriptions, but challenges such as incorrect use of the service, over-sharing, inconsistency or lack of guidance have a detrimental affect on our goals.

The Solution

We can work with you to employ a governance plan for your Microsoft 365 environment which is going to work for you, your organisation, and most importantly your users.

  • We can provide a COST-EFFECTIVE approach to your governance requirements, doing as much or as little as you want in the creation process
  • We can bring years of EXPERIENCE of governance, being able to use examples of both good and not-so good implementations to help drive success
  • We can deliver ADVICE AND GUIDANCE on good practices to help reduce and manage risk within the organisation related to the use of Microsoft Teams
  • We can work with you and your users to provide the best ADOPTION and TRAINING support to ensure that your implementation of Microsoft 365 is a success

The Vantage 365 Approach

Our approach to governance is based on working a large number of organisations, large and small, to help establish safeguards, boundaries, and efficient ways of working. We are able to apply our approach to all technologies within Microsoft 365, including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Power Apps and Power Automate. How do we do this?

Step 1 – Workshop

Together we can identify what we are trying to achieve through the use of the platform, as well as discussing the required protection measures, technical and business processes, and key methodologies to making this a success.

Step 2 – Plan

Using the outputs of the workshop, we can work together to develop a Governance strategy, working through the how’s, why’s and when’s for each piece of the puzzle.

Step 3 – Communicate

It is important that we bring the users on the journey with us, being able to communicate not only what we are doing, but why we are doing it. An informed user base, is a supportive user base.

Step 4 – Implement

Once we have created our plan and started the communications to the users we will work with you to implement the changes. This could involve the implementation of business processes, or technical implementations such as Powell Teams or our Power Platform Governance Portal.

Step 5 – Support

Following a successful implementation, we can help you with the support for your users, through lunch and learn, surgeries or through the deployment of our Learning Centre into your SharePoint environment.

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Training Courses

With a combination of years of industry experience and Microsoft Certified Trainers, Vantage 365 can deliver Microsoft training with the latest technology to ensure that you are prepared for the future.

Vantage 365 is pleased to provide Microsoft Training, both from the official course list and also bespoke courses. We offer courses both physically in a classroom, at our offices in the West Midlands, and online in our Virtual Classroom. The result is an interactive learning experience which will keep you engaged from start to finish.

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