Drive adoption and control Teams creation
with Powell Teams.

Powell Teams is an application which sits inside your Microsoft Teams client, allowing your users to easily access and take advantage all of the key features which Powell Teams provides.

It works to improve the end-user experience by allowing them to create Teams using pre-defined templates which include channels, applications, tabs and settings. Powell Teams can provision folder structures, and even a Microsoft Planner to go along with the Team.

Powell Teams allows you and your users to benefit from an organised, well governed Microsoft Teams environment.

Visit Powell Software for the full product details.

Apply tags during your Team creation to improve searchability and categorisation of Teams

Drive consistency throughout your Teams with flexible naming conventions

Give your users the best creation experience through the use of template

Apply your governance rules to Microsoft Teams without degrading the experience for the users

Training Courses

With a combination of years of industry experience and Microsoft Certified Trainers, Vantage 365 can deliver Microsoft training with the latest technology to ensure that you are prepared for the future.

Vantage 365 is pleased to provide Microsoft Training, both from the official course list and also bespoke courses. We offer courses both physically in a classroom, at our offices in the West Midlands, and online in our Virtual Classroom. The result is an interactive learning experience which will keep you engaged from start to finish.

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