The Microsoft 365 Fundamentals course introduces Microsoft 365, an integrated cloud platform that delivers industry-leading productivity apps along with intelligent cloud services, and world-class security. You’ll learn foundational knowledge on the considerations and benefits of adopting cloud services and the Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud model, with a specific focus on Microsoft 365 cloud service offerings.

You will begin by learning about cloud fundamentals, including an overview of cloud computing. You will be introduced to Microsoft 365 and learn how Microsoft 365 solutions improve productivity, facilitate collaboration, and optimize communications.

The course then analyses how security, compliance, privacy, and trust are handled in Microsoft 365, and it concludes with a review of Microsoft 365 subscriptions, licenses, billing, and support

Length of course: 1 day

Who should attend this course?

The Microsoft 365 Fundamentals course is suitable for a wide range of individuals, including: 

  • Business Professionals 
  • Office Administrators 
  • IT Support Staff 
  • Small Business Owners 
  • Students and Educators 
  • Anyone interested in gaining proficiency with Microsoft 365 
Microsoft 365 Fundamentals

Course Objectives

By the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Differentiate between the various cloud service models.
  • Identify the Microsoft 365 services that support productivity, collaboration and business management.
  • Describe the analytics capabilities of Microsoft 365, including Viva Insights.
  • Describe the security and compliance features of Microsoft 365.
  • Describe identities, including cloud, on-premises, and hybrid identity.
  • Describe threat protection with Microsoft 365 Defender
  • Describe Microsoft 365 subscriptions, licenses, billing, and support.


The Microsoft 365 Fundamentals course is designed for business decision makers and IT professionals who aspire to deploy cloud services in their organisation. Students should have the following background: General knowledge of networking, computing, and cloud concepts.

Public Course

Public course costs are inclusive of refreshments (physical courses only), courseware and lab access, and a practice exam voucher.

£500 per person *

* prices are stated exclusive of VAT

Private Course

Bring the instructor and the course directly into your organisation to maximise the learning benefits.

£4,350 per course *

Upcoming Microsoft 365 Fundamentals Courses

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Thursday, 18 January 2024

09:00 AM GMT - 05:00 PM GMT (1 day)

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Thu 18 Jan 2024

09:00 AM GMT - 05:00 PM GMT (1 day)

This course introduces Microsoft 365, an integrated cloud platform that delivers industry-leading productivity apps along with intelligent cloud services, and world-class security.

More Information

Microsoft 365 Course Overview

Module 1: Cloud Concepts

This module provides a foundational understanding of cloud computing, its benefits, and the various types of cloud services available.

Lesson 1: Understanding Cloud Computing

  • Define the core concepts of cloud computing.
  • Comprehend the fundamental elements of cloud technology.

Lesson 2: Embracing Cloud Benefits

  • The advantages of utilising cloud services.
  • Discover how cloud technology can benefit businesses.

Lesson 3: Exploring Cloud Service Types

  • Identify various categories of cloud services.
  • Explore the diverse offerings available within cloud service types.

After completing this module, participants will be able to: 

  • Explain the foundational principles of cloud computing.
  • Articulate the advantages of cloud services.
  • Categorise different types of cloud services.

Module 2: Microsoft 365 Apps and Services

In this module, we delve into Microsoft 365, exploring its apps and services that empower productivity and collaboration.

Lesson 1: Unveiling Microsoft 365

  • Microsoft 365.
  • Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Lesson 2: Productivity Solutions in Microsoft 365

  • We will explore productivity-enhancing tools within Microsoft 365.
  • Understand how Microsoft 365 facilitates collaborative work.

Lesson 3: Collaboration Solutions in Microsoft 365

  • Dive into collaboration solutions, including Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.
  • Discover how Microsoft 365 supports effective teamwork.

Lesson 4: Endpoint Modernisation and Management in Microsoft 365

  • Learn about modernising endpoints.
  • Explore management concepts and deployment options in Microsoft 365.

Lesson 5: Analytics Capabilities in Microsoft 365

  • Uncover the data insights and analytics tools available in Microsoft 365.

After completing this module, participants will be able to: 

  • Define Microsoft 365 and its components.
  • Identify key productivity and collaboration solutions in Microsoft 365.
  • Understand endpoint modernisation and management concepts.
  • Explore data analytics capabilities within Microsoft 365.

Module 3: Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance

This module focuses on Microsoft 365’s security and compliance capabilities, including identity management, threat protection, and compliance management.

Lesson 1: Azure AD Services and Identity Types

  • Describe Azure AD services.
  • Differentiate between identity types in Azure AD.

Lesson 2: Access Management in Azure AD

  • Learn how to manage access control.
  • Understand the principles of identity and access management.

Lesson 3: Threat Protection with Microsoft Defender

  • Explore threat protection measures.
  • Microsoft Defender capabilities.

Lesson 4: Security Features of Microsoft Sentinel

  • Discover security insights and capabilities offered by Microsoft Sentinel.

Lesson 5: Compliance Management in Microsoft Purview

  • Learn how to manage compliance.
  • Understand the role of Microsoft Purview in compliance management.

Lesson 6: Service Trust Portal and Privacy with Microsoft

  • Explore trust in Microsoft services.
  • Understand privacy and security measures in Microsoft offerings.

After completing this module, participants will be able to: 

  • Explain Azure AD services and identity types.
  • Implement access management techniques in Azure AD.
  • Recognise and mitigate threats using Microsoft Defender.
  • Utilise security features provided by Microsoft Sentinel.
  • Manage compliance and privacy with Microsoft Purview.

Module 4: Microsoft 365 Pricing, Licensing, and Support

In this module, participants will gain insights into Microsoft 365 pricing, licensing options, and available support offerings.

Lesson 1: Microsoft 365 Pricing, Licensing, and Billing

  • Understand pricing structures within Microsoft 365.
  • Explore licensing options and billing methods.

Lesson 2: Support Offerings for Microsoft 365

  • Microsoft 365 support services.
  • How to access and utilise available support resources.

After completing this module, participants will be able to: 

  • Navigate Microsoft 365 pricing and licensing options.
  • Access and utilise Microsoft 365 support services and resources.
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