What is Microsoft Viva, and how does it work?

Microsoft Viva is a new collaboration service from Microsoft that aims to help companies manage their employees and work more efficiently.

It’s a new integrated software suite that bundles many of the best productivity capabilities from previous Microsoft 365 software releases in one easy-to-use interface that helps businesses address key organisational priorities around their people. These include increased flexibility via remote working options, improved performance management, better reporting features and goal achievement tracking.

It collates this information into an executive summary to give managers a better insight into what motivates individuals within their teams. It can also give businesses and employees more tools at their disposal to make a positive impact.

Here, we take a closer look at what Microsoft Viva is and how your business can get the most out of it.

What is Microsoft Viva?

Microsoft Viva is Microsoft’s new employee experience platform. It’s powered by Microsoft 365 and brings learning, insights and communication resources together in one place. It features four main categories.


Microsoft Viva Connections offers innovative team engagement experiences to help keep everyone informed and engaged. It fosters better engagement at work by providing employees with company resources and tools to do their jobs more effectively. It also connects users through a Microsoft 365 experience tailored for each person’s needs. For example, it shows staff what apps they’re currently using – such as Microsoft Teams or SharePoint – and provides easy access to digital content most relevant to their day-to-day roles.


Staff learning and development is a top priority for many businesses, especially those looking to scale and grow. More than 90% of workers say they would stay longer at organisations that invest more time and effort into their development. Microsoft Viva’s Learning module addresses this need by offering employees the opportunity to develop on an ongoing basis through formal and informal learning opportunities. It helps staff acquire new knowledge and develop new skills by curating online lessons from providers like LinkedIn Learning and Coursera for them every day.


Insights help managers make decisions affecting how employees work together by providing actionable information that drives policies, processes and productivity. It helps individuals thrive in  the workplace through data-driven improvements for better employee wellbeing and increased collaboration.


Topics is a content management tool that helps employees find information relevant to their work. Topics are customisable, providing information on everything from tools discussions about current projects or ideas, to relevant news stories from across the internet.

Benefits of Microsoft Viva

Organisations of all sizes can no longer afford to overlook their employee engagement and wellbeing.

Viva is the first employee experience platform for the digital era. It combines video conferencing with learning programs and work-life balance tools to prevent employee burnout, while helping teams feel more connected. This, in turn, helps managers understand their workers’ patterns of behaviour better and improves communication, collaboration and productivity.

It gives businesses an easy way of providing better working experiences, to help maintain momentum and morale, avoid employee burnout, increase staff retention and improve the onboarding process.

Provide a better employee experience

The most important thing a company can do to retain its employees is to provide them with good experiences in the workplace. This will help prevent people from leaving, as it’s been shown that when employees enjoy their job and feel comfortable at work, they’re much less likely to look for another position elsewhere.

Viva provides an effortless way to equip your employees with relevant information. Topics organise all related material in one place, making life easier for everybody involved. And Insights can help your managers understand how happy – or unhappy – each person is at work, so you can focus on addressing their well-being needs if required.

Improve staff engagement

Lack of employee engagement is a big issue for many businesses. Studies show that only a third of staff are engaged in their workplace, which can lead to lower productivity and motivation and higher turnover rates. Customer satisfaction ratings can suffer as a result.

Viva’s Connections tool is ideal for creating a company culture that gets everyone on the same page. It helps improve internal communication, enabling all employees to stay updated with the organisation’s latest news and conversations.


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